Travel The World, Grow Startups, Develop Skills, Get Paid

In this interview I speak with Andrew Lee Miller of Andrew is a growth consultant and entrepreneur who has helped multiple companies to get acquired. In the process Andrew has traveled all over the world and been semi-retired multiple times.

Andrew started his journey right after college. As soon as he graduated he packed up and left for Mexico. As soon as he arrived, he started looking for local businesses he could help grow. Andrew settled on a travel company. Under Andrew's skilled guidance the company rapidly expanded to multiple locations. While Andrew is still in touch with the founders he quickly moved to his next challenge after his first year at the company.

Andrew's adventures include living and working from 4 different contenants, pitching an international expansion strategy to the founders of Groupon and helping Tinder HQ in LA beta test new dating apps. If you are interested in having true adventures while traveling around the world, developing skills and making money then this is the interview for you.

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