Start A Career In Big Data Analytics

In this video I speak with Jared Hillam about the best career opportunities in big data analytics. This is a broad field that includes many sub-disciplines. In this interview we focus on careers helping companies to implement data storage solutions and organize their data so that it provides actionable intelligence for decision makers.

Jared talks about how expertise in this career field can be extremely lucrative. In Jared's case, he was introduced to big data analytics during a project he was working on in college. His interest in the field grew. As Jared become more interested he worked in a number of different roles in the field until he found himself in his current role, as a Vice President at Inticity.

Intricity is a big data consulting firm that provides consulting and implementation to large companies. Jared's firm helps these companies figure out how they are going to organize and store their data. While Jared focuses on entry level positions in the field, he touches on some of the higher end positions that are "extremely lucrative".

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