Military To Digital Nomad | How To Make Money Online

In this episode I talk with Erick Prince of
. Erick talks about the different careers he was thinking about prior to becoming a marketer and digital nomad. After experimenting with a number of careers, Erick realized that he could start a boutique digital marketing firm specializing in social media management.

Erick's firm started to take shape as he traveled the world and built up his list of clientele. As he made friends with like minded freelancers, he was able to hook them up with jobs and introductions. Everywhere he went he kept networking (making friends) and building up his client list. After a while he found himself with a huge list of repeat clients and a ton of friends in marketing. At this point Erick started recruiting his friends to work with his firm. The rest is history.

After traveling the world and building up his digital marketing business he decided to live in Bankok semi permanently as he expanded his remote team. This time allowed Erick to focus on his health and his business and regroup after a year of constant travel.

Erick mentions some of the challenges of traveling abroad while working and gives advice for other aspiring freelancers. He also talks about his activism and passion for connecting dis-enfranchised groups around the world. Erick plans to use his work in marketing and coordinating distributed teams to benefit disenfranchised groups around the world.

If you are interested in learning about the intricacies of starting a digital marketing firm or continuous travel, this is the interview for you.

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