John Sonmez | How To Overcome Pain With a Bulldog Mindset

Show Notes

4:00 - John's take on the utility value of money for investing at different income levels

9:30 - How to determine how long you should focus on a big goal.  How far should you go and how long should they take.  We Focus on financial goals and when enough is enough.

12:30 - The number one financial goal for most people should be their freedom numbe where they no longer have to work.

14:30 - Not being stressed vs. being 100% financially free, what changed for John?

16:30 - How to plan your exit from the rat race - (The key is reducing your expenses)

20:00 - How to Think about Goal Setting - (Repetition Based)

22:40 - The formula for motivation - How Strong Your Why is Vs. Your Belief in your ability to do it.  You have to have a certain amount of belief in a goal in order to be able to fully commit to it. The point at which your why meets your belief is the zone in which goal achievement becomes reasonable. You can't set goals that are too big.  They need to be large, and have a important WHY, but you still need to have a certain amount of belief.

26:00 - John's process for building his YouTube channel

27:00 - Why John's system is different from most "process oriented goal achievement systems."

29:30 John talks about the books awake the alpha and what doesn't kill you

31:55 - Why you should face pain voluntarily instead of taking the pain life gives you

34:45 - Why you can't just focus on your strengths and neglect your weaknesses

36:30 - If you develop strengths in multiple areas the affects can be synergystic

38:00 - When you focus on your strengths, you neglect developing skills in areas where you have some of the lowest hanging fruits for improvement. You also get good at what you focus on and train.

42:00 - How john splits up his life and goals - John always has one big goal and one secondary goal.  You must always have something you are making progress on.

44:00 - John takes time, usually quarterly objectives and go all in on that at a time.  

45:30 - Superhuman By Habit by Tynan

48:00 - Why you should avoid external sources of validation

52:00 - Focus on what makes you feel like you are awesome vs. what makes other people think you are awesome.

52:30 - Masculinity, what is it and how do you judge yourself as masculine?


In this interview John Sonmez (creator of the Bulldog Mindset YouTube channel) talks about how you can overcome pain to reach your goals.

John starts the interview off by talking about his latest project, the book bulldog mindset as well as his recent marathon training. John mentions that he wanted to take some time to rebalance his life and focus on his physical goals. This came after a long period of focusing on his business and growing his personal brand.

John then gets into some of the mindset he uses to push past his own limitation. John brings up the idea of having a reason WHY you want to accomplish your goals as well as a strong BELIEF in your goals.

John mentions that if you don't have both a string reason for accomplishing your goals or a strong belief in your ability to accomplish them, you are unlikely to succeed. He talks a little bit about how you can build up that belief in yourself by accomplishing smaller more reasonable goals in order to build momentum.

John then discusses some of the vision he has for his brand and why he likes to focus on helping guys get their lives together.

One of the themes that is repeated through out the interview is the idea that you can only grow if you take action and subject yourself to challenges.

John talks about how everyone is going to experience tough times in their life. His belief is that you need to voluntarily focus those challenges before life makes you face them.

As John mentions, "The pain is coming and its your job to get ready for the pain by training for it". John gives a bunch of examples of things he has done in his life to prepare himself for his biggest challenges. Examples he mentions are fasting, running and consistently working on difficult projects.

If you would like to hear more about John's thoughts on overcoming challenges you should definitely check out John's interview. If you haven't already seen his channel, his site or his books, go check out

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