How To Use Ontraport | Beginners Guide To Ontraport Campaign Maps

In this Ontraport beginners tutorial I go over the basics of campaign maps.  If you are new to ontraport, this video will give you an overview of how to setup email automations.  

Email automations are super important for anyone that is in digital marketing or anyone who runs an online business. Some of the popular email autoresponder softwares that compete with Ontraport are:

-Market Hero
-Active Campaign
-Convert Kit
-Constant Contact

Out of all of these types of autoresponders, Market Hero has the most similar type of campaign map.  In this video I talk about when someone would want to use the campaign map on Ontraport vs. the map on some of these other systems.  

Regardless of the system you choose, the main campaign map features on nearly every autoresponder are triggers, tags and goals.  

Triggers are evets that dictate whether or not a user should take an action on a campaign map.  An example of a trigger is "purchased a product".  If you use this trigger, an event would take place only when someone on your email list purchases a product.

Events - An event is an action that a user takes in your autoresponder system.  For example an action might be "send Email".  In this case a "send email" action would be initiated by one of your triggers.  Another example of an action is "wait", where a user waits for a certain amount of time or for another trigger to initiate before taking another action.

Goals - Goals are some final state a user reaches before they are moved off of a campaign map.  Goals are the main way that a user is moved off of an Ontraport campaign map.  An example of a goal is "purchase".  If you have an abandon cart email sequence with a "purchase" goal, a user will be taken off the campaign map as soon as that goal is reached, regardless of where they are on the map.

If you understand triggers, actions and goals you should be able to build the majority of automations you want to build.  

Hopefully this brief tutorial gave you enough to start experimenting in Ontraport.

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