How To Use Freelancing To Pursue Your Professional Comedy Career

In this interview I speak with professional standup comedian Sierra Katow. Sierra started out in comedy at just 16 years old. What started off as a hobby quickly turned into an obsession for Sierra. After continuing to perform through her years as an undergraduate, Sierra began considering pursuing her comedy career full time.

Sierra talks about her days as a CS undergrad at Harvard and how she has leveraged those skills to work part time as a web developer. This flexibility has allowed Sierra to pursue her career in comedy while being able to maintain her skills as an engineer. Sierra mentions how this works well with comedy. When she is in between prep for major shows, Sierra can work on client projects.

Sierra also discusses how managing expectations is crucial for anyone trying to create their own career. Specifically, Sierra talks about how she had to ignore other people's expectations for her when she started pursuing her dream full time. She talks about how other people's expectations can prevent you from reaching your goals and what you should do to make sure you are doing what you really want with your life.

If you are interested in pursing a career in the performing art, acting, comedy, music or any creative profession, this is the interview for you.

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