How To Transition From The Military To Technology Consulting

In this video I speak with Nolan Melson, a senior consultant at Capgemini.  Nolan has extensive experience in helping veterans transition out of the military into careers in technology.  While Nolan’s advice is tailored to a military audience, most of it is applicable to civilians who are transitioning careers.

Nolan talks about his experiences working at Capgemini and on the board of directors for the Merivis Foundation.  In addition to these roles, Nolan is active in other non-profit initiatives aimed at assisting transitioning veterans.  Most recently he spoke on the veteran panel at this year’s SXSW conference.

Nolan shares what changes individuals have to make when they go from a structured to an unstructured work environment.  He talks about the importance of understanding the culture and expectaions of the industry you are moving into.  One of the best pieces of advice Nolan gives is to get into the ecosystem of the industry you want to break into.  Specifically, Nolan suggests reaching out and making connections in an industry you are trying to move into.  Its these informal contacts that are the most important once you get to the interview stage of your job transition.

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