How To Succeed In Business By Finding Your Purpose

In this interview I speak with Chris Kidawski, author of The Knee Pain Bible, The Shoulder and Neck Pain Bible, The Back Pain Bible, The Foot and Ankle Pain Bible, The Everspace and 2 Paleo and Vegan Diet Cookbooks.

Chris's work in pain management focuses on what he calls "structural therapy". This type of work has to do with helping people to heal trigger points and adhesions they have in their fascia.

Chris's work has uncovered many of the secrets of self healing. One of the biggest breakthroughs Chris has made is his understanding of the role of the fascia in supporting the muscles and bones.

In the interview Chris talks about how the Fascia is responsible for much of the movement that we attribute to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. The fascia is an integral part of our body and is directly connected to our nervous system and the information processing systems of the body.

In this interview, Chris discusses his path to getting involved in structural therapy as well as the lessons he has learned growing his own private practice. One of the lessons Chris repeats throughout the interview is the idea that you need to find a purpose in your life and in your work in order to bring real value to the world .

Regardless of the goal you are currently pursuing, Chris shares some gems of wisdom that you can apply to your own life immediately.

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