How To Start Your First Online Business

In this interview I speak to Andy Hafell. Any is a Youtuber and internet marketer. You can find Andy at his self named YouTube channel or website. On Andy's site you will find resources that will show you how to start your first online business.

Most of Andy's students are first time online entrepreneurs and internet marketers. He has a course for marketers, aspiring YouTubers and content creators of all kinds. If you are anyone that has dreams of becoming a professional marketer an content creator you can head over to his site
to get his online business quick start guide.

In this interview we discuss his long journey to becoming a full time marketer. Andy says that his journey started after he finished his compulsory service in the Norwegian military. After serving for over a year Andy decided to use some of the money he saved up to travel the world.

Andy returned home and realized that he couldn't pick up his life where he had left off. Andy wanted to continue the adventures he had started while traveling and realized he needed more freedom in his life. After trying a number of different business models, Andy settled on teaching others the many skills he had developed as an internet marketer.

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