How To Start An Online Training Platform

In this interview I speak with Kenton about how he got started with his online training platform Rocket Blocks is an online training platform that provides consulting case interview preparation. The platform is expanding to offer all of the resources candidates need to brush up on all the specific areas tested in case interviews.

Kenton mentions that the idea for Rocket Blocks came out of his own experience interviewing for some of the world's largest consulting firms. Kenton mentions that he helped many of his friends with their preparation. He noticed that many of them were super stars in the classroom at business school but would freeze up during interviews. After asking some questions about his friend's study methods, Kenton realized their was a serious problem. Most students were studying whole cases and trying to regurgitate the material in the interviews.

Kenton realized that breaking down case solutions into frameworks was the best way to study. Learning the different frameworks for problem solving is superior for a number of reasons. The main benefit is that students are able to assemble answers to case questions on the fly so long as they know the frameworks for problem solving. Once you have those memorized, its just a matter of applying the right amount of appropriate frameworks and working out a solution.

Kenton founded his company on these principles but quickly realized that he could expand this online training platform. In the future, Kenton hopes to include new training tracks for different types of interviews.

One of the biggest take aways from my interview with Kenton was the amount of perseverance you need to have to get an idea off the ground as a real business. Kenton spent years slowly chipping away at his idea while he built up experience and capital taking jobs at Boston Consulting Group, Google and Zynga.

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