How To Start A YouTube Channel That Changes The World

In this interview I speak with John Fish about his decision to start his YouTube channel and his journey as a creator. John talks about what it was like starting out as a creator and the initial inspiration he got from his high school drama class. John also talks about how the direction of his YouTube channel changed based on the feedback from his audience.

John's channel now focuses on sharing the lessons John is learning as a student at Harvard. Many of the lessons John's shares with his audience are focused on study skills and time management. As a full time student and content creator, this is one area of life John as definitely mastered.

In this interview he mentioned that he will be starting his own podcast in order to explore some of the topics he does not consider himself an expert on. John plans to speak to guests he feels have specific expertise or life experience they can offer his audience. John also mentions that he plan to continue in his computer science studies while he works as a creator.

John makes it clear that his overall goal with his channel and with most of his endeavors is to teach people to live their best lives and to spread love. While John is not 100% sure what direction his creative endeavors will take him in, he is 100% clear about how he is going to make the world a better place. Definitely one of the most inspiring interviews to date. Make sure to check John out on his Youtube channel

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