How To Start A Drop Shipping Business | 30K Per Month (2018)

In this interview I speak with Braden Wuerch about how to start a drop shipping business that makes 30k per month in 2018. We talk about Braden's past, how he got involved in drop shipping and how he eventually expanded his business into a number of different areas.

Currently Braden is working on a case study series with one of his students, his own apparel brand and a brewery. To say that Braden is busy would be a huge understatement. Braden talks about some of his early experiences set him up to be an entrepreneur and how he got his start.

Braden then goes in to the pros and cons of drop shipping with Shopify and Ali Express versus drop shipping with Amazon FBA and why you eventually need to make your own products. We discuss why many drop shippers need to learn more about business, operations and testing products and channels.

If you are someone that is thinking about getting started in drop shipping but is tired of all the scams and miss information, this is the interview for you. At a minimum, you will walk away from the interview with a solid understanding of what you need to do to get started today.


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