How To Start a Computer Science Research Company

In this interview I speak with Miltiadis from Philosophy Behind Coading. Miltiadis discusses how he started programming when he was just 15 years old. This childhood obsession led him to study electrical and computer engineering when he entered university.

Miltiadis began developing an interest in machine learning and computer image recognition. In 2015 he published his first academic paper on computer image recognition and he founded Philosophy Behind coding at just 21 years of age. Miltiadis shares some of his long term vision for philosophy behind coding including his plans to continue in his research.

Unlike many YouTuber's, Miltiadis has no desire to be a full time content creator. In order to have enough time for his research Miltiadis built out a team of assistants and freelancers to manage his content production process. If you are someone that is interested in becoming a content creator in addition to your main career, this is definitely an interview you will want to watch.

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