How To Start A Business You Love

In This interview I speak with George Kao.  George is a consultant who specializes in helping small businesses scale.   Recently George started working on a new type of funnel.  He says his funnel will help people to make sales without having to use manipulations or cheesy tactics.

George says he reached burnout after spending years using all the traditional internet marketing methods.  George’s fist business was generating over 10,000 dollars of revenue per month after just one year.  By the second year, George’s business did over 350,000 in revenue.  He found himself laying awake at night unable to sleep.  George wasn’t happy with the methods he was using to make money.  He realized that making money without creating a a real value was not sustainable.

After years of mastering the technical aspects and systems for running an online business, George turned his attention to running an authentic business.  George now consults with other entrepreneurs who want to create businesses that align with their highest principles.  George teaches what he calls joyful productivity, a method for enhancing effectiveness and quality of experience.

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