How To Make a Living as a Musician In The Digital Economy

In this interview I speak with Matt from LeftHandedGuitarist.  His channel teaches tutorials to students who are trying to pick up guitar but are left handed.  Matt says the inspiration for this channel was the lack of quality instruction he saw for students who were left handed.  Don’t click away just yet if you happen to play guitar right handed!  All of Matt’s videos include chord charts for both left and right handed players.  Thanks for taking the discrimination out of learning to play an instrument Matt, for that, we here at Opensourced give you a big pat on the back! (long overdue)

Seriously, Matt found a huge hole in guitar instruction and a really innovative way to serve his audience.  When Matt started putting the chord charts in his videos he had to create each one from scratch and place each individual frame in his footage.  Now Matt has a library of charts he uses but still places each chart individually.  The result of all this hard work is a superior product and a ruthlessly efficient tool for learning guitar.

Matt mentions that his channel grew out of the private guitar lessons Matt was giving.  After getting asked to teach a new student their favorite song, he realized that there were many songs repeatedly requested.  Matt figured that he could record the lessons for these songs in a high quality video with diagram.  Once Matt gained an audience he expanded his efforts to his Patreon page, The Left Handed Guitarist as well as his Blog, where he offers original recordings of his lessons and written materials.

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