How To Heal Yourself With Breath Work and Cold Therapy | Pro BMX Racer Will Grant

In this video I talk to Pro BMX Racer Will Grant about his use of the Whim Hoff breathing method and cold therapy.  We talk about some of the low points of his career and how he used the Whim Hoff Breathing Methods and cold therapy to help him find a new direction for his life.

We also get into some of the "crisis" situation that led Pro BMX Racer Will Grant to start utilizing the Whim Hoff Breathing method along with frequent cold showers and cold baths. Basically, after racing BMX for so many years, Will Gran't body was starting to break down.  

Once he was unable to continue riding and training, he realized that he needed to change something about what he was doing. It was at this point that Will Grant decided to start his YouTube channel so that he could help other people overcome some of their biggest struggles and mental barrier.

Will now uses his channel to teach people how to overcome their biggest physical and mental barriers with simple routines.  

Will uses things like:

➤Morning Routines

➤Whim Hoff Breathing

➤Cold Therapy

➤Drinking water (to naturally detox your system)

➤Hanging (for spinal decompression)

➤Movement Training

➤Walks in Nature


➤Spending time with loved ones

Much of Will's channel explores how he integrates these practices into his daily life.

If you are interested in learning more about these topics I suggest you check out the interview as well as some of these resources:


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