How To Growth Hack Your Digital Media Brand

In this interview I talk with Jerry Liu about his work as a social media growth expert and content operations manager. Jerry Lui blends a huge mix of topics from sociology and gender issues to economics and politics. What's interesting about Jerry's channels is all of the experiments he uses them for. Jerry talks about some of the experiments he has run on his own channel trying different content topics and styles.

In addition to testing different types of content, Jerry is always testing new channels. The latest channel he has started to experiment with is the chat app discord. Jerry believes that building Discord communities is a highly underrated method of building influence online. He recently started experimenting with community run discord groups that are self policing and self sustaining. Jerry says his first group has been growing and that he is excited to see where this experiment takes him.

Jerry's eagerness to test the world around him, especially the world of social media, has landed him some great opportunities. He was featured on Joseph Gordon Levitt's HitRECord TV series in S1E2, part of the Emmy award winning first season of the show. More recently, Jerry's brand building expertise has landed him content operations and growth focused marketing roles. Jerry now splits his time between experimenting on his own channels and helping his clients to grow their brands.

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