How To Grow Your Coaching And Consulting Empire

In this interview I speak with Kimberly Ann Jimenez about how she got started in internet marketing and consulting. Kimberly mentioned that she has worked for companies ranging from individual entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies.

Kimberly got her start when her husband was growing his own startup company. Kimberly started as a marketer as his company managing business development, paid advertising and social media marketing.

Kimberly then began working with individual clients as an SEO and marketing consultant before branching out and doing marketing and social media management for a larger marketing agency. In this role Kimberly got experience working with larger clients and accounts and managing marketing teams.

After these experiences, Kimberly went back out on her own to start her coaching and consulting business and personal brand. Kimberly has now grown her personal brand to include a number of products and services designed to help entrepreneurs at different points on their entrepreneurial journey. Kimberly's main program is her

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