How To Grow A Personal Brand In The Real Estate Industry

In this interview I speak with Sam Kwak of
. He discusses his success in buying and selling real estate and why he believes you should always diversify your investments. Sam talks about his experiences in the ARMY and how those prepared him for his career in real estate.

Sam also briefly discusses some of the jobs he had before going into real estate and why he decided on the industry. Sam mentions many times how one key influencer in his life steered him toward his current career. Sam mentioned the importance of positive role models.

The majority of the interview revolves around Sam and his brother's decision to utilize a personal brand to increase their influence and reach in their local real estate market. Sam and his brother believe their channel is an investment in their long term security. While Sam mentions that he is still not sure about putting all of his information online, he admits that his brand ha given him many opportunities he otherwise would not have had.

If you are thinking about creating an online presence in a brick and mortar industry, this is a great interview for you.

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