How To Grow A Community In The Arts And Crafts Space

In this interview I speak with Katina Martinez about her work developing her personal brand in the DIY crafts space. Katina started out as a Stamping Up instructor and quickly moved on to developing all kinds of creative projects.

Katina mentions that there were always a few projects that would take off quicker then the rest. Katina realized that she could release the highest impact projects to her public audience while doing the ones she found ost enjoyable for her membership groups.

In addition to teaching crafts online, Katina teaches classes in person for her local community and online audience. She sends out notifications for her events so that she is able to meet up with her online community members in person to teach her crafts.

While Katina has many different crafts that she enjoys she says her memory books are by far her favorite. He idea is to create a simple straight forward system that her audience can use to document their most important memories in hand made physical books. Katina has worked to develop a system to make this process super simple, even if you are intimidated by crafts.

While we cover everything crafty, Katina and I also jump into the best digital marketing channels to gain traction with your DIY business and why Katina is not a fan of Twitter. We talk about how she settled on YouTube as her foundational content channel and how she built out her content on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter and her personal blog. We even get into the DIY entrepreneurs that Katina follows and where she gets inspiration for her creative projects. If you are interested in starting a personal brand in the DIY space, this is an interview you should definitely check out.

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