How To Go From Teacher To Publisher With Social Media

In this interview I speak with Mark Barnes about how he went from being a teach to running his own publishing company.  Mark says he started out wanting to make a change in the way children are educated.  You can see some of his written work and formative ideas on his blog HackLearning.  From there, Mark decided that he wanted to keep creating training materials for teachers.  He ended up publishing an entire series of books by partnering with other authors.

Fast forward to today and Mark runs a successful publishing company x10 Publishing.  Mark says he has a consistent pipeline of authors that want to publish under the x10 umbrella.  These days mark is in the position to accept or reject authors as he sees fit.  Since he has consistent business, the authors that make the cut to partner with x10 are some of the best.  Mark’s company now publishing books about learning as well as professional development materials for teacher.

Mark says that the journey to where he is at took a lot of time and money.  Mark mentions that he probably spent upwards of 10,000 dollars on books and online courses during his entrepreneurial education.  At this point he knows how to grow a business online design and format books and handle the operations on the back end of a publishing company.  While there were tons of resources that got Mark to these point, he mentions a few of the standouts.

Marks has a ton of favorite resources.  For assistance with self publishing from a real expert he recommends Amy Collins at New Shelves.  If you are trying to learn about list building Mark loved his experience with The List Builders Lab by Amy Portfield.  For the majority of Marks print on demand services he used Amazon’s CreateSpace. Mark also use IngramSpark for physical retailers and Kindle Direct Publishing for his digital media.  Finally, If you want to listen to an interview with Mark that is far easier on the ears check out Mark getting interview by Pat Flynn on the SmartPassiveIncome Podcast

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