How To Go From Accountant to YouTuber and DJ

In this interview I speak with Marc Freccero about how he grew his self name YouTube channel. Marc is unique because of the eclectic mix of topic he includes. Unlike many other channels, Marc is includes many different topics. The videos that initially caught my attention were Marc's accounting interview prep videos that were right next to his Cochella packing tips videos!

Marc has successfully built up and audience by sharing all the different aspects of his life. One of the biggest parts of Marc's life is his career as a DJ. Marc has been producing for a number of years and this is one of the biggest parts of his life that he shares with his audience. Marc mentions that he recently started putting more effort into his YouTube channel. At this point he estimates that about 50% of his time is spent on his music and the rest goes to his content creation for YouTube.

If you are interested in finding out how you can get started online or how you can support your career in music with content creation on YouTube this is definitely the interview for you. This interview is also going to be valuable for anyone that is trying to start their career as a content creator in top of their regular job. In part of our interview we discuss how Marc balanced work, music and content when he was working as an accountant.

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