How To Get Paid To Rank YouTube Videos | YouTube SEO For 2019

Get Paid To Ranking Videos On Youtube | How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast in 2019

In this interview, Michael Kohler talks about how you can get paid to Rank YouTube Videos by running a YouTube video marketing agency.

Michael gives his best tips for ranking YouTube videos using SEO to increase your organic rankings as well as paid traffic.

Michael talks about some of the YouTube friendly ways to pay for traffic and views.  Michael talks about how channels will pay for views via paid traffic platforms like Google ads.

Michael then talks about his process for ranking YouTube videos and the process that he recommends for new channels.

In Michaels case, he has been ranking videos for his own channel which has 60k subscribers at the time of filming. Michael also draws on his many experiences working for clients to help them rank their videos.

At his agency, ExtremeSocial, Michael helps clients with all aspects of the online marketing including: ranking YouTube videos, paid advertising, content marketing and YouTube SEO.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge Michael has on ranking videos on YouTube, Michael gives his suggestions for the best businesses to start in 2019.

Michael latest course, on how to start a YouTube video marketing agency, teaches people about his favorite low-cost business model.

If you are interested in starting a youtube channel or learning about the best businesses to start in 2019, this is an interview you wont want to miss.

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