How To Get Interviews At Google Amazon and Facebook

In this interview I talk to Dylan Israel about how he is preparing for technical interviews at some of the world's top tech companies. We discuss how Dylan got started in software engineering and how other people can follow in his footsteps. Dylan also talks about why anyone would want to get a job in software engineering and some of jobs you can get as a junior developer.

Dylan talks about the long road to getting ready for interviews at Facebook, Amazon and Google and the way he is preparing. One of the unique ways that Dylan prepared for these elite technical interviews was by developing a product where he shows how to solve 100 algorithms.

Dylan mentions that one of the benefits of creating content for his YouTube channel is that it reinforces what he is learning. In this case he was able to take the process of preparing for interviews and turn it into a product. In this way everything that he learns he can then go on to teach. Besides providing him with valuable content, his YouTube channel is a valuable side project. Dylan mentions that his YouTube channel was one of the reasons he landed his first job in software engineering. If you are thinking about gettin started as an engineer or are interested in trying out for one of the top tech companies, this is the interview for you.

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