How to Get 15 Fitness Coaching Clients in Your First Month

In this interview I speak with Trent McCloskey. Trent is an online personal trainer and marketer. Trent got his start working as a marketer for a men's health and fitness company before branching off on his own to start his own brand. Trent is currently taking clients and was able to sign up 15 in his first month!

In this interview we talk about how Trent got his start in fitness and why he looks at it as such an important part of his life. Recently Trent moved from Florida to Ohio where he is living with fellow fitness entrepreneur Carter Good.

Trent talks about how his "overnight" success was a few years in the making as he was on a self development journey in both his personal and professional lives. Trent mentions that his fitness was transformed while he was going through a transformation in his awareness and spiritual life.

That period of personal growth allowed Trent to re-emerge as a stronger marketer and coach. After having two prior fitness companies and Trent has settled on

One of the most remarkable things about Trent's story is how he has emerged from each challenge that he has faced stronger and more motivated to reach his goals. If you need some motivation to pursue your dreams, entrepreneurially or otherwise, you should definitely check out this interview.

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