How To Find Your Dream Job During A Recession

In this interview I speak with Sean McBride. Sean is a former Army Officer turned front end developer. When Sean was suddenly let go from the Army in 2008, he found himself in one of the wort job markets in recent history. Sean was forced to re-think his life plan and start from scratch.

Sean discusses the steps he took to go from jobless and living with his parents to running the front end development side of
. Sean says that the path to getting back on track took him about two years. In the process of figuring out his career, Sean moved to three different states, started and left a PhD program and married his wife. It was definitely an action packed couple of years.

Ultimately Sean made his way into technology starting with sales engineering and consulting. He then started working on more and more technical aspects of the projects until that made up the majority of his work. If you have ever had to take an unexpected path or you wonder what that is like, you will definitely enjoy this interview.

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