How To Consistently Get High Paying Clients As A Design Consultant

In this episode I speak with designer Vako Shvili about how he is able to get highly paid design gigs consistently. One of the issues we touch on is finding your strengths early on in your career. Vako mentions that he started his career as a digital marketer but was encouraged to try design.

One of his mentors noticed that he seemed to do really well with design projects and thought he might be able to make a career out of it. With some coaching, a little practice and a lot of reverse engineering other designer's works, Vako was able to quickly improve his design skills.

As a non-coder, Vako says he relies heavily on the tools he uses. While he does not rely on any one tool, he has a couple that he prefers for his projects and for teaching other designers. Vako uses Webflow for the majority of his projects and recommends other designers start with that tool or Instapages.

Both of these tools allow designers to quickly develop pages that are nearly as good as one custom built by a design / development team. This allows Vako to produce super high quality products for his customers at a fraction of the cost of a design agency. Since he does not have to split that payment with a developer, Vako is still getting paid far better then the average designer. His skill in design combine with his reputation has allowed him to live an enviable lifestyle while working with an impressive list of companies.

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