How To Build a Community In The Do It Yourself Space

How To Build a Community In The Do It Yourself Space

In this interview I speak with Lolly of Lolly Paloza. She self identifies as a paper crafter and art aficionado. If you are interested in learning how you can make a living from your passion for art, this is the interview for you! In this video we discuss Lolly's background and what type of work she did prior to starting he personal brand. We also discuss how she made the decision to work on her business full time after working part time for so many years.

Lolly talks about how entrepreneurs need to learn to focus on building one corps aspect of their business. She mentions that she has done some informal consulting with other entrepreneurs and has noticed some bad habits. The main one is a lack of focus with business objectives. Lolly stresses that you need to identify who your audience is and what they need. You cannot focus your channel on only the topics you feel like covering.

Over time Lolly has refined her instructional videos to cut out all the fluff. At under 10 minutes per video, Lolly's tutorials are short and to the point. She wants her fans to get as much out of her videos as possible in the little extra time they have.

In addition to the product skills Lolly has developed, she had developed a knack for online community building. Lolly mention the large amount of interaction with her audience she includes into her business building process. Lolly also takes time to reach out to her peers in the DIY community and has established many long term friendships with these creators.

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