How To Become The Marketer Of The Future

In This interview I talk with Nicholas Robinson, the co-founder of RLTY CHK entertainment. RLTTY CHL is a Los Angeles based immersive entertainment studio which blends story, technology, and community to transform the way we are entertained.

Nick started his career in marketing a community building. Prior to starting RLTY CHK he was the CMO of Quest Nutrition. At Quest he was responsible for building up Quest's online presence. With a background in film and technology, Nick was already an experienced online community builder.

After coming up with Quest's online strategy Nick focused on putting out extremely high quality content. He says that at one point, his team would take up to 3 days to prepare one 15 second recipe clip for Quest Nutritions Instagram Stories. Nick mentions that this is a common practice now, but back when they were doing it at Quest, it was completely unique.

One of the points that Nick repeated was that you have to be original with what you are doing as a marketer. What worked in 2001, 2006 or 2016 isn't going to work today. As a marketer, you need to be thinking about the channels that are going to dominate in the future.

Towards the end of the discussion, Nick gives his predictions for channels that are going to take off in the future. He also talks about some non-mainstream approaches to community building and influencing audiences online. Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer or just interested in new technology, you will definitely enjoy this interview.

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