How To Become An Online Fitness Coach

In this video, online fitness personality Carter Good talks about his journey as an entrepreneur. Carter discusses his early days in fitness and internet marketing. At one point in his life Carter's weight ballooned to 306 lbs. He then made the decision to lose the weight and dropped 140 lbs., hitting a low of 160.

Carter says that the hardest part was just getting started. He talks about how gaining momentum is key to motivation. In both his fitness and business journey's Carter has leveraged his momentum to maintain progress. One of the keys to Carter's success is his relentless drive to keep moving forward. When Carter is working with his clients he does whatever it takes to make sure they are making progress.

One thing carter repeats throughout our discussion is the dedication that is required to make a serious change in your life. You have to be all in, at least for a little while.If you like Carter's mindset and want to find out more, you can check him out at his website

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