How To Become a Yoga Instructor Online

In this interview I speak with Krystal Aranyani, a world traveler, author, blogger and Yoga instructor. Krystal talks about how she got started teaching Yoga and how she books teaching workshops while traveling the world. This all started after Krystal moved abroad following the end of a long term relationship. Krystal mentions that she felt like China was as far away as she could get. That's where she went!

After spending a number of months in China, Krystal decided to keep on traveling. She realized she needed to find a way to pay for her travels. She needed to find a way to work while she was on the road. One of the first things she did was to figure out a way to book clients while she moved around from city to city. Krystal did this by getting involved in a ton of different alternatiev spirituality groups online. Working though these groups she would find events and event organizers that might be interested in the types of services she was offering.

Krystal would build out lists of these groups of people that might be interested in booking her to teach Yoga classes or put on clinics for attendees at events she was going to attend. Krystal was able to book events in the cities she was traveling to so that she would always have work while she was traveling.

Krystal mentions that she has always been a natural entrepreneur and has never had much trouble making or managing money. Krystal faced many challenges in learning to live on the road, manage a business and find find fulfillment in her work.

If you are someone that is thinking about packing up and hitting the road or who wants to start your own Yoga practice, this is the interview for you.

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