How To Become a Software Developer - Forrest Knight

In this interview I speak with Forrest Knight about his path into software development. Forrest took a fairly common route going from community college student→ university student→ intern→ employed full time. Forrest says that he made a ton of mistakes along the way but ultimately landed in a great spot.

Forrest also talks about how there is a misconception in software engineering that everyone is working in a technology startup or at a big tech firm. Forrest emphasizes the amount of software engineering roles there are at "regular" companies who's primary products and services are not software.

Forrest also talks about how he picks up new technologies and what he is currently working on (getting back into Ios development). Through out the interview forrest reiterates the idea that there is no one way to get into software engineering and that there are a number of different jobs and job requirements you can focus on. For a great example of a career advice video Forrest made, you can check out

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