How To Become a Full Stack Entrepreneur

This interview I talk to Michael Kohler about his path to success. Michael is the CEO and founder of  Michael's company offers full stack internet marketing services and software products. In this interview I discuss some of Michael's background and how he decided to become an entrepreneur.

In Miachael's case, he tried many different business models before he found success. Michael started out offering individual internet marketing services to clients before offering a range of services as an agency. Michael recommends that new marketers get their start offering services so that they can build up the skills they will need for more complicated business models.

Once Micael gained enough experience, he started experimenting with paid traffic. Micael learned that he could create a self sustaining business by driving traffic to his site and selling products and services off of his site and email list. Michael even talks about becoming a high ticket closer, jumping on the phone to close clients on 5,000+ dollar deals.

The main takeaway from my interview with Michael is that anyone who wants to find success needs to be ready to endure the process of trial and error. At each step of Michael's entrepreneurial journey, he was confronted with new challenges that he was forced to overcome. Through perseverance and consistency, Michael was able to rapidly grow his presence online and create his own career.

Finally, Michael mentions his course for beginning entrepreneurs looking for a simple business model they can start working on immediately. Basically, Michael teaches his student everything he knows about YouTube marketing so that they can sell their services as YouTube marketing consultants. Micael keeps it as simple as possible by suggesting people master that one channel and then offer their expertise to clients. Unlike many experienced marketers, Michael is not selling people false hope. His plan is definitely something I can recommend as businesses definitely do need good YouTube marketing talent.

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