How To Become a Blockchain Developer With Blockgeek's Benji Richards

In this interview I speak with blockchain developer Benji Richards about how he became a blockchain developer and why he decided to work at Blockgeeks. Benji mentions that he started off working wanting to become a software developer and quickly realized that he wanted to learn how to create blockchain apps.

Benji started learning the Solidity, the main language developers use to build applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Benji mentions that this language is easy to learn once a developer has mastered Javascript. Once Benji mastered both of these technologies he began to learn about securing data that is being transferred over a blockchain.

Benji's interest in security led him to his current role developing a technology product that helps developers find security issues in their newly developed applications.

In this interview Benji discusses some of the potential roles for Blockchain developers as well as some of the potential salaries you can expect (AUG2018). If you are interested in becoming a developer and working on new blockchains or developing apps on existing blockchains, this is the interview for you.

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