How To Be a Growth Consultant For The World's Fastest Growing Companies

In this interview I speak with Asher King Abramson about his role at Bell Curve, a Silicon Valley growth marketing firm. Asher says he got his start as a software engineer after leaving college early to attend App Academy, an immersive coding bootcamp.

After graduating from app academy Asher stayed on as an instructor. He went on to perform a number of roles in the software engineering field before returning to App Academy to work as the director of engineering.

While Asher enjoyed his roles as a software engineer, he wanted to do more then build products. When he heard that his friend Julian was starting a growth marketing firm he jumped at the opportunity to join.

Today Asher focuses on training new marketers and developing content for training new growth marketers. Asher recently started work on a growth guide for new CEOs who need to train growth marketers. The guide is designed to take growth marketers from beginner to intermediate. The idea is to allow more people to learn the skills they need to work in marketing.

This is really a wide ranging interview. We discuss everything from Asher's college career to his views on the best way to learn software engineering. If you are interested in breaking into teach or growth marketing specifically, this is the interview for you.

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