How To Accelerate Your Startup's Growth In Asia

In this interview I speak with Pritish Sanyal. Pritish is the Director of Business Development at HYPE. HYPE is a venture builder that helps entrepreneurs expand into new markets. HYPE partners with companies that can use their expertise to help launch their products.

Currently Pritish is working with a company that connects even organizers with brands. Surkus helps these brand to reach event participants with highly targeted offers. In the past, Pritish has worked in industries as diverse as hospitality and tech.

During our interview Pritish talks about having a strategy for anything you want to accomplish individually or as an entrepreneur. He talks about why he loves working with entrepreneurs and the skills all entrepreneurs need to be successful. Pritish makes a point of saying that there is no specific type of education someone needs to have to become a successful entrepreneur. A willingness to get your idea in front of customer and receive feedback is the only definite requirement.

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