Get Organized For School: Featuring Med School Insider's Kevin Juball

In this episode I speak with Kevin Jubbal, the founder of Med School Insiders. We discuss Kevin's past and why he became such a competitive guy. This part of the interview starts off with Kevin talking about how having Crohn's disease cause him to work extra hard. Kevin mentioned that he always felt like he had to compensate for his condition.

Kevin then goes on to talk about how people can start to keep track of what they are doing with their time. Kevin mentions a few simple systems that can help anyone to be more effective. His two biggest recommendations are to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life and to pay attention to the systems you are using to accomplish your goals.

Kevin brings a ton of experience to this topic as he built his wildly successful YouTube channel Med School Insiders while he was studying to be a plastic surgeon. If you are someone that needs to optimize the systems you are using to accomplish your goals, Kevin's interview is definitely worth a listen.

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