Facebook Audiences For Cold Prospecting and Scaling

In this video I talk about some of the best audiences for Facebook cold prospecting.  That is, audiences that you want to target when you are trying to get new customers to your business.  

The Two main audiences I go over are Super lookalike audiences and broad match dynamic product audiences (DPAs).  If you are not familiar with with either of these you are in for a treat.  

One note, in order to use dynamic product audiences, you will have to have a dynamic product feed setup.  If you don't have this, you can check out one of Facebook's tutorials on how you can setup your dynamic product feed.  

Generally speaking, dynamic product feeds are best to use when you have multiple products you are are advertising for.  A great example is an ecommerce business with multiple product lines.

If you don't have multiple products or don't want to setup a dynamic product feed you can just focus on the second type of audience.  The second type of audience is the Super Lookalike audiences.  

These audiences are basically layered combinations of look alike audiences that you use to target audiences that look like the type of people who would visit your site or purchase your product.  

In the case of Super Lookalike audiences, these audiences have a higher density of potential purchasers then a normal look alike audience.  This is because of the overlap of the audiences you are combining.  You can think of the audiences like a set of concentric circles.

These types of audiences help if you haven't done much cold prospecting as you will get through the "training" period all new adsets have to get through on the facebook ads platform.  

Keep in mind that once you start getting good performance with these ads, you should split them out so that you can maximize the conversions you are getting from each individual look alike audience.  

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