B2B Sales Consultant Teaches B2B Sales Techniques To Land Billion Dollar Clients

In this interview I speak with B2B Sales Consultant Alex Berman about the best ways to get Fortune 500 clients.  Alex Berman runs an agency called X27 (experiment 27) that specializes in teaching brands how to sell to billion dollar companies.

In this interview Alex teaches some of his B2B sales techniques and how you can learn to get better results from your cold calling and cold emailing. Alex shares his journey into the world of B2B Sales and how some of his students have landed multi 5 figure contracts from cold email without even using the phone.

If you are an agency owner, sales person or marketer and you are looking for a B2B sales system or a B2B lead generation system, you are in the right place. If you haven't already, check out Alex Berman's YouTube channel where he shares all of his best strategies.

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