How To Create World Class Software As A Service Products

In this interview I speak with Garrett Dimon about starting a Saas company as a solo founder and working as a developer and marketer at Wildbit. Garrett first got the idea for his product while working as a software consultant. Garrett realized that there was no standard way for small teams to track bugs. Garret realizes that the flexibility and fast pace of small development teams also made their bug tracking pretty inconsistent.

He decided to solve the problem himself by
. After developing and marketing the product on his own, Garret was eventually able to sell his company and get back to development. Along the way he learned many lessons about product development and marketing. One of the main take aways is that you need to give yourself enough time to find a really important problem to solve. Garrett knew exactly what to build before he started due to his large amount of experience in the industry.

Garret now works at WildBit where he functions as a developer evangelist / marketer. Garret helps get Wildbit's products noticed and helps the team solve technical issues as they pop up. If you are interested in creating your own Saas product or learning how to market a software product this is the episode for you.

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